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alteredcreed's Journal

19 January
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I'm 18 and live somewhere in the US. I'm a Christian. I like Creed and Alter Bridge. I work at a daycare. I want to be a spec/ed teacher. I write. Anything. I can't draw. But I do anyway. I like Daredevil and also the X-Men are okay too.

Some quotes from some TV shows and movies I like.
"Fluke is a fish Matt. Did you know that cause I sure as hell didn't."
-Foggy (Daredevil)

"He teach me to drive a car.."
"He teaches piano, jerk"
"I alredy know piano. Now I learn drive!"
-Tony and Ray (Journey of the Heart)

"I was trying to pray. I don't know who to pray to.."
"My people pray to a God who doesn't answer. He leaves it up to us to decide."
"A good god for a free man...."
"Not when answers are what you need."
-Spartacus and David (Spartacus)

"That's Michael with an -A. My father was expecting a male."
"So was I."
-Michaela and Rev. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman (Pilot)

"And just what are you Michaela? You're an unmarried woman, living in a *shack* in the middle of nowhere and offering your medical expertise to a bunch of backwoodsmen who pay you in potatoes and in CHICKENS."
-Elizabeth Quinn. Dr Quinn Medicine Woman(The Visitor)

"This reminds me of a game I used to play called Cowboys and Indians. Um. That was when you were allowed to say Indians. You're not allowed to say Indians anymore."
"I'm not allowed to say bite me."
"Watch your mouth."
"Bite me Indian!"
-Walt, Henry, Jimmy (Grounded for Life)

"You are not a pig, Mrs Quinn"
"Why THANK YOU Dr Cook"
-Dr. Charles Cook and Elizabeth Quinn (Dr Quinn: The Heart Within)

"Your daughter, my son, and your granddaughter are all well intentioned but--"
"I'd appreciate if you refer to your son, my daughter, and my granddaughter, as Doctors, Dr. Cook, otherwise, it seems like you are trying to have oneup on them."
"Okay. Dr. Michaela Quinn, Dr. Andrew Cook, and Dr Colleen cook are all well intentioned--"
-Dr. Charles Cook and Elizabeth Quinn (Dr Quinn: The Heart Within)

"None of you know what it's like to be discriminated against!"
"Gee Bob you're right. I'm a blind, black guy, I just sail through life."
-Bob and Jake. Becker

"What's her problem?"
"You're a guy so she hates you."
"So are you and she's being nice to you.."
"Well I'm just loveable."
"You know what I'm doing right now?"
"Giving you the finger"
"Man.. John, I'm blind, poor, and run a newstand in the Bronx. God gave me the finger long before you did."
-Jake and Becker (Becker)

Margaret: Linda cover that up with a lab coat or something. This is a doctor's office not a tanning salon!
Linda: Dr Becker told me to wear what I want
Margaret: You work for me. And so does he, just doesn't know it yet!

"He's gonna need a name"
"Any thoughts?"
"Well.. actually.. I was wondering if maybe we could name him after my father... I know it would make him happy to have a grandson named after him."
"He will be thrilled to have a grandson named Mongo..."
"It's a very popular name in Croatia.."
"I am just teasing you. My father's name is Joseph, and for that matter, name the baby anything you like, whatever."
-Luka and Abby (ER 13.01 "Bloodline")